…and we’re back …

Not that anyone has noticed, but this place has been like <sound of crickets>. Let’s see if we can rectify that situation.

Changes in store for this place. The ‘look’ will be tweaked, so expect those changes. Content will appear more regularly, with any luck.

We’ll post things about computer security that catch our eyes. It might just be a short sentence with a link to someone else’s site. But more content, more often. At least, that’s our plan.

In the meantime, four things to do:

1) Install all Windows updates. Set it up to install automatically.

2) Update your antivirus regularly. At the very least, use Microsoft Security Essentials (at www.microsoft.com/protect ) . Good program, catches most problems, low footprint/effect on your system

3) Update your applications. I recommend Secunia PSI program. Go to www.secunia.com . It’s free, and will keep your applications current. That’s important, as more exploits are aiming for your programs, not the operating system.

4) When wanding around the Interwebs, log on with a limited (non-administrative account). That will help protect agains malware attacks.

Do these four things, and your computer will be protected from the most common problems.

More later … and, with any luck, more often.

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