Blinded By the Updates

One of the mailing lists I subscribe to is the “Consensus Security Vulnerability Alert” from . It comes out weekly, and lists all new vulnerabilities of software – commercial and open source.

This week’s list is notable for the many commonly used programs. No, not just Windows. The problem is that you might become a bit complacent if all you do is use Windows Update.

Here’s a list of the software that caught my eye (in no particular order)

  • Apple Mac OSX
  • Apple QuickTime
  • Novell Client
  • Symantec BackupExec
  • Adobe Reader
  • ClamAV
  • Apple iPhoto
  • MPlayer
  • Yahoo! Music Jukebox
  • Nero Media Player
  • Checkpoint SecureClient/SecuRemote
  • Apple iPhoto
  • WordPress plugins

Do you have an update strategy for keeping all of these applications current? Or do you just rely on Microsoft’s Automatic Updates and your anti-virus update?

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