How to Send Big Files via Email

Ever need to transfer a file to someone, but it was too big for sending via email? There are some sites that do that, but most have a one-time or monthly charge, especially if the files are large. Or they limit the size of the file.

That happens to me sometimes. So I decided to try to create my own file transfer web site. And I think that it is ready for my thousands of readers (well, maybe as many as five) to try out (and to recommend to others).

The concept is quite simple. You fill out a simple form with the email address of the person you want to receive a file. Type in a little message, use a browse button to find the file on your computer, then click one button to send it off. (We call it “Hurling a file”.)

The recipient gets an email message with a special and unique link, along with your message. Click on the link, then click one “Get the File” button to save the file to your computer.

And that’s it! You’ve sent your file to someone else, no size limits, no charges, and it’s simple enough for “Aunt Minnie” to use (at least, that’s our hope). We don’t save the email addresses, and the file is available for just seven days and then goes away.

It’s not a file sharing site, since you only get to send one file that you already own. And it can’t be a spam site, since you have to enter the email addresses manually. We’ve protected it against the evil guys as much as we can, and will monitor things to make sure that the site stays as safe as it can.

And, it’s all free. Although we do have a ‘donate’ button, and hope to get some simple advertising, to help defray expenses.

We (hmm…sounds like a ‘royal we’…) also put some social networking buttons at the bottom of the page to spread the word about the place. It’s a grand experiment, it will be interesting to see if anyone other than me actually goes there.

Oh. Where’s there ? We call it “FileHurl”, and it’s at . You’re invited to try it out…and send along any suggestions for improvement.

And tell a friend. The place might even be ready for the “Digg Effect”.

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