Looking at other "Free" File Transfer sites that aren’t really free

Some minor fine-tuning on the www.filehurl.com site (my absolutely free unlimited file transfers web site).

There was a comment in a previous post about using another site. So I was curious about it, and looked at the site and compared it to FileHurl.

The other site requires registration (FileHurl doesn’t). It does have free file transfers (like FileHurl), but limits the size of the free transfers (FileHurl has no size limit). It also limits the number of times you can use the “free” transfer (FileHurl has no such limit). It has some paid services that allow unlimited use and size (FileHurl is fully free, although you can voluntarily donate).

The other site may be a bit ‘prettier’. FileHurl is pretty simple. Click one button, fill in one simple form (four or five fields, plus a ‘Browse” button to select the file), and that’s it for sending the file notice.

The recipient gets a simple email with one link. One click for the link, one click to get the file, one click to save the file. That’s pretty simple.

And it is totally free and unlimited, unlike the other place. If you want to check it out, go ahead.

But I think that my FileHurl place is better. It certainly doesn’t have the limitations of other file transfer sites. I haven’t found any that are totally free like FileHurl (but will look at any alternatives that you mention).

Try it out. And let me know what you think. (And a mention on your web site or to places like “Digg” might be nice.)

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