Loving Storm Worm Spam

I’m seeing what appears to be a new round of spam email from the “Storm Worm” gang. The messages are very short, wtih a subject related to Valentines’ Day, and a short message with a link to a web site. An example: a subject of “Blind Love”, and a message of “Rockin’ Valentine” along with a link to a web site.

Clicking on the web link (or even typing it in manually) will get you an attempt to download some malware automatically. Current anti-virus may protect you against the download attempt, depending on the web page payload. Current patches will be another protection layer.

Note that Microsoft has released 12 patches today, many of them critical. Of course, all of my many readers (yes, the two of you in the back) are following Safe Computing Practices, and have their computer set up for automatic updates. And you have updated Adobe, Apple Quicktime, Firefox, and Linux kernal updates…

More info about the ‘lovely’ Storm Worm spam is here: http://isc.sans.org/diary.html?storyid=3976

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