Those Password Questions

The Sarah Palin email hack was done by some simple Google-fu and stupid password reset questions. Like “what is the name of your high school?”. How hard is that to find out?

What to do? Well, set your password reset answers to something ‘out of the box’. Example: “what is the name of your high school?” answer could be “1947 Chevy Impala”. No way anyone will be able to Google that.

And what should you do to secure your digital life might be to follow the steps in this blog from a company called “Erratta Security” (link here: ).

At the very least, try the “7 Steps to Computer Security” at my DigitalChoke site here . I wrote that back in 2004, although it may be time for updating.

For wireless networking, try these “Simple Steps for Wireless Networks” .

And if you are worried about Global Warming, then you should get some Carbon Offset Certificates here . They are worth less than they cost !

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