Ultimate Form Spammer Blocking

A while back, I wrote about a technique to block form spammers. I have implemented it on several sites that I have built. In some cases, the site originally didn’t have any protection against form spammers, or used easily-bypassed techniques like hidden fields, silly questions, changing contact page names, or even captchas. Even with those techniques, form spam still arrived.

In most cases, the volume wasn’t enough for me to worry about. Sometimes, a form spammer would find one of my site forms, and start spamming it daily. At that point (when it started getting irritating), I would implement my ‘ultimate form spammer blocking’t technique.  And the form spam immediately stopped; the form spammer never was seen again on that site.

So I have put together a package of files that you can use in your site forms to get rid of your form spam. It’s all open source, and quite clever (he said with some modesty). With just a few modifications of your form, and adding one or two files to your system, you can get rid of your form spammer problem.

The package of files is written in PHP, and requires that your visitor has JavaScript running (not Java). But once you set things up, you will not be bothered by form spam again. Your form spammers will get redirected to my Form Spammer Trap site instead of sending your form spam.

The package includes support for WordPress sites, with the use of a template that you specify for your contact page. No special add-ins needed, although you may need to do some minor CSS formatting changes. Full instructions on how to implement in your site, whether PHP-based or a WordPress site, are included in the package.

So, how do you get it? Well, you use our contact form. Just fill in the form with your name, email address, and comment text of “I want your form spammer blocking package” (along with any other comments), and I’ll get the zip file out to you. Don’t use the comment form on this post, unless you really want to expose your email address.

Our Contact form uses our Ultimate Form Spammer Blocking technique. If you want to see what will happen to a form spammer, just click on the “Submit” button on the contact page (don’t click anywhere else).  We use the WordPress template version of the package, so you can see how it looks with our site theme.

And it is all free, although donations are accepted. If you don’t think you can install it yourself, contact me and we’ll arrange for some help at a nominal fee. Or if you don’t want to use our package, the technique is shown on our previous post about preventing form spam, so you can roll it yourself.

But our ‘Ultimate Form Spammer Blocking’ package will get rid of any form spam on your web site. It really works!

(Added: If you want more details, go to my Form Spammer Trap web site that uses the technique. That site is where form spammers will end up.)

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