URL Smashing

We run a few WordPress sites – some for us, and some for others. One of the things that we noticed on a couple of sites was that long URLs were visually irritating, at least to us. They seem to get in the way of the content, and sometimes ‘bleed over’ the content areas.

So we went looking for a solution – a plugin. And all the ones we found were not simple enough. They required you to enter special codes, or other irritating things. We wanted one that worked automatically. And we couldn’t find one that we liked.

The result – our second WordPress plugin – “URL Smasher”. It uses the goo.gl shortening service, so requires a Google API account, but those are free and easy to get. Once you set it up by adding your Google API key, and checking two boxes, any content that is saved – posts, pages, or comments – that have URLs get them automatically shortened.

It works quite well. Like the URL for the previous post. I entered the actual URL as text: http://goo.gl/zONLF7 ,  and as a link. Each is automagically shortened when I save or publish the post.

You’ll find the plugin here at https://goo.gl/uJFb67 (also shortened).

We are quite impressed with ourselves.

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