Wall Street Journal Provides Link to Malware Drive By Site

We’ve talked before about ‘safe computing’. One of the rule is that you stay away from the darker side of the net, and you keep your software current.

Apparently, the folks at the Wall Street Journal’s Business Technology blog don’t exactly follow those recommendations.

An entry last week had a link to a dark place – a web site where cyber-criminals sell credit card numbers. And they put the entire link there.

Today, they tell us that the site had a ‘drive-by’ , which is malicious code that tries to get installed on your computer by just visiting (browsing) to the page. No pop-ups, no ‘install’ prompts. Just get to the page, and get your malware infection.

Symantec (which told the WSJ about the malware’d page that was in their link) says that current updates will protect you from the drive-by. Which is a good plug for ‘safe computing’ practices.

Although the free plug for Symantec’s trial sofware wasn’t appropriate, IMHO.

You’ll find the whole story here .

But I suspect that there will be more to this story.

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