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With all my extra time (now that I am retired), I have been working on various web sites. Most (if not all) of the web sites are for my own amusement, but there are a couple that are more widely read. (You could count the readers of my personal blogs – or visitors to my web sites – on the thumbs of one hand.)

I helped Dr. Jerry Pournelle launch a reboot of Chaos Manor Reviews (at www.chaosmanorreviews.com). This is a continuation of the computing columns that he started at the now-defunct Byte magazine back in the 1970’s. I have enjoyed reading them over the years (yes, I am that old), and rebooting the columns into a new format was fun.

I also maintain his “View from Chaos Manor” site at www.jerrypournelle.com/chaosmanor . Both are WordPress sites, with a minor bit of customization.

I have been increasing my knowledge of WordPress theme styling with a relaunch of the “FoodieFeeds” site (at www.foodiefeeds.com). This takes RSS feeds from enrolled food blog sites, and displays excerpts of their content. I only grab the first 50-odd words from the site (along with one picture, if available), and then link back to the food blog site. The site uses the ‘masonry’ design, which is similar to what Pintrest uses, and I think it looks much nicer than the previous incarnation of the site.

The FoodieFeeds site is using a ‘child theme’, which allows me to more easily customize a theme. This is turning out to be a good thing to do on my various web sites.

I also have another site that amuses (only, apparently) me. It got a redesign also, just in time for the fall/Halloween season. It contains rules that you will need to know during the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. The site is “Rules for Zombies” at www.rulesforzombies.com .I am amused by the content, and also the blood-splattered design.

I am also working on an update to the Form Spammer Trap (at www.formspammertrap.com), which is a form spammer bot-blocking technique that I have developed. I think it is quite successful in blocking form spam content. (It is implemented on this site.) Wherever I have put it, the form spam stops immediately.

I also modified the commenting system of the Chaos Manor Reviews site to include that Form Spammer Trap functionality. I plan on figuring out how to implement that as a WordPress plugin.

So, I am kept easily amused by the various web sites I have. Along with changes to my personal lifestyle (no, not that) due to my recent Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis. You can read all about that on my personal blog site at the Digital Choke site here http://digitalchoke.com/digitalchokeblog/ .

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